The Borrowers Aloft is Mary Norton’s fourth installment in this captivating series about small people who lead hidden lives borrowing from “human beans”. Pod, Homily, and Arrietty Clock are now living in the miniature village of Little Fordham, built in the back garden of a retired railroadman and maintained by the eccentric but very kind Miss Menzies. Once again Arrietty, who is now sixteen and learning more and more about the world, becomes a bridge between the worlds of borrowers and human beans. Unfortunately, another human couple with a rival miniature village have spotted the borrowers, and one night they kidnap the Clock family and hide them away with plans to put them on permanent display as prisoners. Mary Norton’s powers of description and her ability to imagine the ingenious methods the borrowers use to survive and eventually escape their predicament are as enchanting as ever.  Age appropriate 8-12 yr old. Hardback – 224 pages.

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