Thaddeus Sobieski Coulincourt Lowe (1823-1913) was called by Carl Sandburg “the most shot-at man of the Civil War.” A flamboyant showman, dedicated scientist, and starry-eyed dreamer, Lowe, soon after the outbreak of the Civil War, went to the federal government with a view to convincing the authorities in the use of balloons for observation purposes. He eventually was made chief of the aeronautic department and rendered valuable service to the Army of the Potomac during the war. Hovering over the battlefield, observing the action from his hot-air balloon, Lowe is considered by many to be the founder of the U.S. Air Force. Besides aeronautics, Lowe also made contributions in the fields of meteorology, cartography, military science, aerial photography, metallurgy, and railroading. This is the story of Lowe’s struggle, trials and tribulations, and sheer perseverance in promoting the interest of science.

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