The Hot Air Balloon This story begins with Freddie and Tanga watching a preview of a television special, Hot Air Ballooning. The following day Freddie comes up with a plan to build a hot air balloon. After sharing it with Tanga and agreeing to keep it a secret until it is completed, they begin searching for things in the backyard that they can use in building their Secret Project. The excitement starts when Freddie’s plan becomes a reality and Freddie and Tanga find themselves lifting up from the ground and being carried by the wind to a faraway place. What are some of the unusual things that were used in making the Hot Air Balloon? Why did it feel like there was a sudden change in the seasons? What strangers do Freddie and Tanga meet during their adventure in a strange land? Be prepared for some non-stop reading and a surprise ending as you open the cover of the Adventures of Freddie, the Little Fire Dragon: The Hot Air Balloon.

Paperback, 80 pages

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