ASA’s Test Prep study books contain the FAA questions and answer stems plus answers, explanations  (for both correct and incorrect answers!), references, and FAA subject codes. Chapter text and illustrations help you more fully understand the concepts being tested.

Questions are arranged into chapters by subject matter to promote better understanding, aid recall and provide a more efficient study guide. All test questions are included here: airplane, rotorcraft, glider, and lighter-than-air categories, and the questions are identified as to which test they apply so you can single out the LTA questions along with the General Aviation questions for study. Helpful test instructions, tips, excellent cross-references, and more included.

FAA Computer Testing Supplement is bundled with the test book so you will become accustomed to referring to the FAA Figures and Legends as you will during your test. This is the same book you will be issued at the testing center. Updates are available online or via email notification, and the Written Test Prep is fully updated once a year to keep up with current FAA test questions. Maximize your study sessions! Paperback.

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